Things To Consider When Applying To SparkLabKC – Part 1

Currently, the application period for SparkLabKC is open. Applications close on December 1 and we hope that your team will apply. 

The SparkLabKC application is available here. The application platform,, is a Kauffman Foundation-funded platform that is widely used accelerators and grant organizations.

As you will see, the process is very straightforward with questions you might expect. Plus, there is a requirement to submit videos.

So, what is SparkLabKC looking for in applicant companies?

Our answer is a focused team. We believe that the most promising applicant companies will have a very focused team that is intent on building a benchmark business. These teams will have an idea of the problem that they will solve and likely initial ideas of how the problem might be solved. 

The best example is Y Combinator’s graduate company, Dropbox. To Y Combinator’s credit, that organization shares almost everything. You can see the original Dropbox application to Y Combinator from 2007.

Here’s the DropBox answer to, what is your company going to make?  

“Dropbox synchronizes files across your/your team's computers. It's much better than uploading or email, because it's automatic, integrated into Windows, and fits into the way you already work. There's also a web interface, and the files are securely backed up to…”

DropBox’s focus is largely unchanged over six years. The organization’s focus and clarity have driven their success and their $4 billion valuation.

Another good link is from Y Combinator founder, Paul Graham. His July 2009 post, “How to Apply to Y Combinator”, has many useful ideas.

If you have questions about your SparkLabKC application, please contact us.