Things To Consider When Applying To SparkLabKC (FAQ)

Currently, the application period for SparkLabKC is open. Applications close on December 1 and we hope that your team will apply.
Here are the questions that we hear most frequently regarding SparkLabKC applications.

Q. Which elements are most important in our application?
A. A viable team and a clearly defined problem to address.

Q. Do we have to have a working prototype?
A. A working prototype would be good. At minimum, you should have definition around your path to a prototype.

Q. Do we have to have a coder on our team?
A. No. But, you must have the coding capacity in place, or well planned.

Q. Do we have to have revenue?
A. Revenue would be helpful. Users would be helpful. Evidence of traction in a marketplace would be helpful. But, none of these are essential.

Q. Do we have to been incorporated with a buy/sell agreement?
A. No. But you should have an agreed upon set of relationships among the team members.

Best of luck in your application to SparkLabKC. If you have questions about your application, please contact us at

The SparkLabKC Co-founders