Introducing the SLKC Class of 2015!


On Monday, January 12th, we welcomed a new group of inspiring local innovators into the SparkLabKC Accelerator Program — our Class of 2015! We hand-picked each participating company through a painstaking vetting process and are very excited by the results of our search. Many promising companies submitted applications, came in for interviews, and impressed us with their passion, commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit. It was a competitive field of candidates, and the final ten companies accepted into our accelerator program were the cream of the crop.

Drumroll please...

The SparkLabKC Class of 2015!


Check out this page for more detailed information on each company. Our full press release can be found here.

These 10 companies come from a variety of backgrounds and offer disruptive solutions to a wide variety of compelling problems. From the football field to the gas station, from the craft table to the therapist's couch, these driven innovators have something for everyone. We hit the ground running last week and are already seeing impressive progress. With three months of intensive mentoring, collaborative work, and access to resources, we are confident that each and every company will be in a prime position for Demo Day this spring.

A Great Place to Do Big Things

Kansas City is lucky to have so many homegrown entrepreneurs building innovative companies right here in the Midwest. SparkLabKC is committed to growing the startup community by providing access to seed capital, resources, and mentorship to the most promising companies our city has to offer. Thank you to all the startups that applied, to all of our partners and investors who help us play this important role, to all of our mentors who give their time and talent to our companies, and to the Kansas City startup community for creating a place where exciting work can happen!

We're buckling down for an intense 90-day sprint with these new companies and will keep you updated along the way. Please join us in welcoming the Class of 2015 by tweeting @SparkLabKC.