Ever wonder how people actually use your company website? For most, clicks are a mystery. But Lucky Orange, a graduate of the 2014 class of SparkLabKC, is changing the way people understand their company websites. With the addition of the Lucky Orange plug-in to a website, their customers can now see real-time traffic on  their site and better understand what works and what doesn’t work.

Co-founders Danny Wajcman and Brian Gruber have seen significant growth in their customer base since graduating from the SparkLabKC accelerator program. They now have more than 20,000 users.

The Problem

Understanding where website visitors become frustrated or abandon a site cant be determined from standard web analytics.

 The Solution

Lucky Orange’s website conversion optimization software is a comprehensive toolkit designed to monitor and improve website performance. Lucky Orange customers are able to see real-time or recorded visitor sessions, access in-depth data on abandonment, engagement, and conversion rates, aggregate click data to  see heat maps  for customer browsing, and even allow their visitors to live  chat with a representative to get help right when they need it.

The SparkLabKC Advantage

When Lucky Orange began SparkLabKCs 90-day accelerator, they knew that they would (have the opportunity to network and access vital resources. They wanted to refine their growth strategy and investor pitch as well as locate potential partners and investors. They found what they were looking for and more.

Along with this strategic guidance, the SparkLabKC community provided Lucky Orange with (something even better: early customers. Many of the mentors that they worked with in the accelerator signed up as customers, which gave Lucky Orange credibility as well as confidence that their idea appealed to seasoned professionals.

"Putting on paper our growth strategy and defining verticlas that we were going to go after - we would talk about it in theory, but putting it on paper and aligning specific partnerships that we would go after was very helpful."

-Danny Wajcman

Growth Pattern

Since graduation, Lucky Orange has found significant success. Soon after Demo Day, they received an acquisition offer, but turned it down to continue growing the company themselves.

Lucky Oranges persistence has paid off, and they have experience strong  growth in revenue and customer acquisition. They have hired additional staff to  meet the increasing demand. Adding to their stellar reputation, they have been featured in several high-profile lists of “the most helpful website tools,” including in the Huffington Post,  Razor Social,  Social Media Examiner, and  Tech.Co.

What’s Next?

This recognition is a reflection of the hard work that Danny, Brian, and the Lucky Orange team have done, crafting more and more valuable features that have their customers raving. With a hit product built to their exacting specifications, Lucky Orange is beginning to court acquisition offers.

Advice for Future SparkLabKCers

"You won't find a single better resource in this area than SparkLabKC. The access to the mentors who will make themselves available to help you and share industry and business insights is something you can't pay for. Give yourself the best leg up over the competition by not repeating mistakes others have made. Working alongside fellow SparkLabKC companies allows for sharing of success stories and best practices so you can put your best strategy forward."

-Danny Wajcman