Connie Campbell, Ph.D. is president of Human Interactions, Inc. an affiliated partnership of experts in the fields of cognition, psychology and organizational design. HI, Inc. specializes in organizational development and workforce development systems.

CWI researches, designs and evaluates scalable learning systems and workforce development initiatives for education systems, workforce certifying organizations, foundations and national nonprofit agencies to meet best practices and standards in human development and quality management. Among her current clients, Campbell is currently advising workforce standards for the Federal government’s HOPE NOW network of financial counseling agencies serving over 1 million distressed homeowners annually.

Her and Warren Wheelock’s textbook, The Classroom Reading Inventory (McGraw-Hill, 2011), now in its 12th edition, is the most widely used manual for teaching reading diagnosis in schools of education. As a psychometrist, Campbell also is a forensics expert in criminal cases requiring analysis and interpretation of defendants’ mitigating childhood histories and lack of educational interventions for disabilities.