Dan Cooper’s career started as a news cameraman for an NBC affiliate shooting and editing news stories. Thrown into the world of production he started working on projects including TV commercials, music videos (with stars like hip-hop recording artist, Nelly), and training videos. With this experience he started his own multimedia production company providing video, Web, and media-based learning programs for corporate clients.

In 2004, Dan partnered with two industry veterans to start ej4, a video based online training company. Dan built ej4's technology architecture and helped transform ej4 from a custom content production house into the leader in video based online training. Dan was employee number one and became CEO in 2010 overseeing the company's technical and business strategy. Dan exited the business in late 2012.

In 2013 Dan launched his next venture, CompanyBurst.com, which provides lead generation, sales, and go-to-market services for early stage tech companies at a substantial discount in exchange for a royalty on future earnings.

Dan just celebrated 12 years of marriage with his wife Alison, and has 3 children. He enjoys hanging with the family, playing and coaching soccer, surfing, and reading.