Royals’ success wrests wagers, odd promises from fans

The Kansas City Royals’ toppling of a nearly three-decade playoff drought has produced a flurry of fanatical wagers and pacts.

Kyle Rogers, CEO of Knoda LLC, said the startup that created a social medium allowing users to make, track and rank predictions has seen a 30 percent increase in traffic since the Royals qualified for the playoffs. Often, the Mission-based company will see a traffic bump around major sports’ playoffs season, he said, but it’s seeing a particular Royals’ bent this season.

“We’ve seen all kinds of Royals stuff,” Rogers said. “We’ve definitely seen a ton of activity. People are obviously super excited around town, and we’re seeing that in our stuff as well.”

Launched in 2013, the Knoda platform allows users to make predictions or bets even years in advance. As such, the Knoda team is seeing many older Royals-related wagers’ conclude.

“A lot of predictions that have been made all season are being resolved because we’re finding out that the team actually did make (the playoffs),” he said. “We’re getting new stuff, and we also have the ongoing things coming to a conclusion.”