Mike Laddin is a SparkLabKC founder. Mike is CEO and senior partner with LeaderPoint. LeaderPoint provides a comprehensive and systematic method to develop management and leadership skills and abilities. The premise of LeaderPoint's work is that management is a science – where the specific skills and abilities to lead and manage can be defined and developed. Mike has over twenty years of senior management experience including seven years of health care marketing experience negotiating HMO and PPO contracts, general manager of a national magazine and publishing firm and CFO/COO with an international pharmaceutical research association.

For the past twenty years Mike has been involved with an on-going national research project whose entire focus is defining the specific skills and abilities required to lead and manage and developing a learning curriculum around those defined skills.

Mike has a BS in Psychology and Chemistry, an MS in Clinical Psychology and an MBA with an emphasis in Finance

He has been the keynote speaker for corporate retreats and national conferences including ADP, The American College of Clinical Pharmacy, The DIA, Champion International Paper Company, CPC International, The Scoular Company, The American Bar Association, 3Com, Texaco, AT&T, and the Association of National Advertisers.

LeaderPoint’s clients include: Electronic Arts, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, E&J Gallo Wineries; ADP; International Truck & Engine; and Sprint-Nextel.

Mike has also conducted individual executive development projects with Zurich North American, Electronic Arts, Raytheon, WellPoint, Roche Pharmaceuticals, and Sprint.