SparkLabKC Congratulates Knoda on Seed Funding Success

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Knoda closes round of seed funding with Kansas City-based Investor

Kansas City, Mo. – November 6, 2013 – SparkLabKC congratulates technology startup Knoda, a company from the 2013 SparkLabKC class, on the firm’s closing of a full round of seed funding. This funding allows Knoda to complete backend and application development, beta testing and product rollout.

Knoda’s consumer application allows users to make predictions, (e.g. sports outcomes, box office hits, celebrity news) and allows other users to weigh in on those predictions. The Knoda app closes the feedback loop and ranks users on their prediction successes. The aggregated predictions represent a unique form of crowd-sourced content. Prospective customers include news organizations and sports broadcasters. 

Kevin Fryer, Managing Director of SparkLabKC noted, “With this round of funding, Knoda is in a position to rapidly complete their products and roll out across several markets. It is particularly gratifying to see this co-founder team move their business concept ahead into the marketplace.”

Knoda co-founders Kyle Rogers and James Flexman share backgrounds in marketing, social media and software development involving professional sports organizations including: the Kansas City Royals, the Kansas City Wizards, Sporting KC and Sporting Innovations.

Knoda CEO, Kyle Rogers, said, “We are very pleased to complete this round of funding so quickly with an investor team that understands the value proposition of Knoda’s application.” He added, “We began working on this project full time only five months ago. In that interval, we have completed the SparkLabKC program, secured grant funding from Digital Sandbox, connected with key players in the media, built our team and framed our product. We are now well positioned to maximize Knoda’s potential in the months ahead.”

The terms of the investment and the investors were not disclosed by Knoda. Interested users can sign up to be notified of Knoda’s launch at 

About Knoda: Knoda is a technology company that provides users an app-based platform to make, track, rank and archive predictions. Knoda technology scores predictions and reports each user’s successes. The aggregated predictions represent a unique form of crowd-sourced content. To learn more about Knoda, watch their pitch from SparkLabKC Demo Day August 23: 

About SparkLabKC: SparkLabKC is an early-stage technology business accelerator based in Kansas City, Mo., created to help driven Midwestern entrepreneurs forge their ideas into successful companies. SparkLabKC selects 10 promising startups each year for a 90-day intense, in-residence, mentor-driven program that provides up to $18,000 in seed capital, business advisory services, free workspace and a formal demonstration day with potential investors. This is a proven accelerator program adapted to the Kansas City region. The program builds on public-private partnerships and the strengths of the region’s vast entrepreneurial community. Startups that have been through this kind of program have a superior track record of generating new companies, new jobs and achieving a significant impact in their communities. 

Applications for SparkLabKC’s 2014 class are currently open and will close on December 1, 2013.