Steve Stava is a co-founder and CEO of Creelio, an early stage marketing technology startup. Creelio is an alum of the 2014 SparkLabKC accelerator program and was the recipient of a grant from Digital Sandbox in 2013.

Prior to Creelio, Steve was an executive at DST, a global financial services organization. Steve has found his new passion as an entrepreneur, melding the best of his leadership, strategy and IT expertise with the fast-paced process of growing a startup.

Steve has brought business strategies to life, through technology, at a group level all the way to a 30,000 seat call center solution for one of the largest broadcast and communications companies in the US. Through these efforts his teams have built client relationships that have multi-million dollar revenue streams.

Creelio believes a website's business-speak shouldn't be a company's first impression to visitors. Creelio humanizes a company’s online presence by bringing the personalities and passions of executives to the forefront. Through storytelling, a website becomes a great first impression that builds long-lasting relationships and grows a company’s customer-base. Creelio makes this possible, with less than a 10 minute commitment per week, through online articles and promotional social media uniquely crafted for each executive.