College Sports USA

“College Sports USA doesn’t stop with our online tools. Our College Showcase Team Profile Book is a great scouting tool that we hand deliver to coaches at tournaments where you are playing.”
- Kirk French, College Sports USA

Does your son or daughter hope to continue playing team sports at the college level? Let College Sports USA successfully take your student athlete to their college signing day! This online tool will help you to find and be recruited by the school that’s the right choice for your student. Hundreds of coaches across the country will see your student athlete profile and you’ll be able to research universities and send the profile directly to the schools that you are interested in.

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COPR Security Innovations, LLC

COPR Security Innovations, LLC provides security and loss prevention solutions for residential real estate investors. We’re developing innovative solutions to make it easier and more cost effective for investors to protect their assets, allowing them to focus more time on growing their business.


Kookiedoodle Crafts

“Our walk-in art studio is a magical place for kids and their families to unwind, reconnect and gain confidence in themselves and in their own original ideas with our unique project choices.”
- Katie Weiford, Kookiedoodle

You won’t be making reproductions of someone else’s art at this studio. Kookiedoodle helps kids and adults explore their imagination by creating original art through a wide variety of projects and with a staff to teach techniques and offer encouragement. In addition, Kookiedoodle offers classes, camps and birthday parties.

Lazser Down

“Every football play begins with the official spotting the ball with a down marker and chain. Lazser Down provides a real-time objective down and distance yardage display at the stadium that is synchronized with the stadium scoreboard.”
- James Foster, Lazser Down

Lazser Down replaces the traditional football down marker & chain system by using laser, radio frequency and e-ink technologies to provide real-time down and distance that is digitally displayed on the field and synced with the stadium scoreboard. It’s safer to use, more durable and offers superior digital display while improving the game for coaches, players, officials and fans.



“Looking for talented and reliable people to staff your next experiential marketing event? Popbookings’ screening process will help you hire with confidence.”
- Erika Klotz, PopBookings

This mobile and web-based app connects event staffing companies with talented and reliable people who have been screened and have references. You’ll be able to rate and review staff that you have hired and have access to what other agencies are saying. PopBookings automates the process of finding, recruiting and booking people to work events with the click of a button.


Rock-It Launcher

“Stop sifting through your address book to find a contact or digging through folders in search of an app on your smartphone. The Rock-It Launcher homepage makes it easy to find apps and contacts on your smartphone instantly.”
- Lance Windholz, Rock-It Launch

This app will revolutionize the homepage of your smartphone with a search function lets you find what you need easily. Rock-It Launcher helps you sort apps and contacts using dynamic filtering and a single row keyboard to find what you need with just a few clicks.

Rock-it Launcher Google Play Store


Royal Loyal

“Save big at your favorite local gas station or convenience store. Our platform helps small businesses reward their current customers and reach out to a new audience… no key chains or punch cards required.”
- Babir Sultan, Royal Loyal

This universal mobile app promotes store products on a daily basis by providing consumers a way to connect with their favorite convenience store and save money. Business owners can use the Royal Loyal app to build a solid customer base by offering discounts to loyal customers.



“Online counseling with StartTalking allows you to connect with a licensed therapist in the privacy of your home, at your convenience.”
- Mark Nolte, StartTalking

Everyone has bumps along the road of life, but our busy lives sometimes make it difficult to get the help we need. StartTalking therapists connect with clients in a secure online session, at your convenience and at a fraction of the cost of a psychiatrist. All of our counselors are educated, licensed professionals with years of experience. You can schedule a 20, 30 or 50 minute session at a convenient time for you using our HIPAA compliant secure messaging service or our video format.


The Swapping Company

“Our app and website create an online marketplace for the fashion resale community. Customers can buy or sell across all resale sites with The Swapping Company.”
- Jennifer Taylor, The Swapping Company

The Swapping Company allows online fashion resale stores, consignment stores, and individuals to quickly upload their items for sale at The Swapping Company’s online community while also distributing the information to other selling sites. This one-two punch maximizes market exposure of that merchandise to the ideal customers.



“We’ve all seen the headlines in the news and know the dangers of meeting people in person after first meeting them online. Our platform allows you to verify someone’s identity before meeting them in person for the first time.”
- Dustin Abercrombie, VeriQuik

VeriQuik’s QuikIQ technology and QuikScreen process allows you to mitigate risk before meeting someone for the first time. This platform will quickly establish, authenticate, validate and verify someone’s identity. Think of VeriQuik as the “Carfax” for people!