“1CapApp clients can include notes within the transcript that is instantly and securely emailed to their audience.”
-Jeanette Christian, 1CapApp

This secure online service provides streaming text for anyone requiring captioning services. From the courtroom to the classroom, 1CapApp provides the fastest text streaming platform on the market.



“Whether you’re a shopper looking for great deals, or a merchant wanting to put them out there, BuzzMeDo gives you the perfect place to find each other!”
-John Epperson, BuzzMeDo

The power of mobile marketing is just a click away with BuzzMeDo. Merchants can create coupons for existing customers with text or app push messages, and attract new customers with geo-targeted offers near your location, or even your competition’s location. Consumers find new great deals while staying connected to the brands they love.



“Lucky Orange even has a live chat, giving you the opportunity to start a conversation with someone who is on a page so that you can make modifications to drive the behavior you want from your website.”
-Brian Gruber, LuckyOrange

Optimize your website with this complete suite of tools. Track visitors interactions with your website with Real Time Analytics. Then playback those online sessions to see where people are engaging with your website and where they are dropping off.


Life Equals

“Our program matches each purchase with an equal amount of multivitamins to malnournished children worldwide. In the end, it is very simple. A better you creates a better world.”
-Kyle Fitgerald, Life Equals

This health and wellness company started with just one product, Focus and Energy. Now, with a line of 10 vitamin products, Life Equals is also spreading health benefits to needy children around the world.



“Less than 6% of all charitable funding goes to programs that serve the needs of women and girls. Yet equality in the workplace and in the institutions that govern our lives has still not been achieved. UChic gives young women a place where you can find support and resources to reach your goals while offering products that support the career aspirations of all young women.”
-Christie Garton, UChic

This online community serves as a resource for young women pursuing higher education to reach their career goals. Merchandise offered is designed for the college-bound and college-aged young woman with scholarships funded through the sale of each and every product.

Minute Movement

“Our program is the fitness solution for those who want great health but simply don’t have the time to make it a priority in their life.”
-Aaron Wright, Minute Movement

The Minute Movement is a health and wellness company focused on fitness and lifestyle products that meet the needs of professionals who lead busy lives, but still want to achieve great health.



“In less than 5 minutes per week, our customers can build their brand and community with a steady drum beat of targeted and measurable high value content.”
-Julie Edge, Creelio

Content marketing is a great way to build your brand and engage with customers, but doing it well can be time consuming. This platform delivers customized, well-written content to help you build your brand and online community.



“By streamlining all aspects of the coupon life-cycle, CouponCloud is the first completely auditable, end-to-end coupon management platform.”
-Matthew Simrell, CouponCloud

This enterprise software solution allows manufacturers to issue paper and digital coupons and gives consumers the ability to convert paper coupons to digital form that can be easily redeemed. Once redeemed and validated, the retailer is instantly funded at the point of transaction.



“What if you had a wrap that was warm on the inside, water resistent on the outside and could cinch at the waist so it wouldn’t fall to the ground. Toasty Tote is a terrific solution for staying warm and dry at sporting events, or out fishing and camping.”
-Dan Cooper, ToastyTote Outdoor Gear

This 5-in-1 outdoor product can keep you warm and dry when you’re out and the weather changes. ToastyTote can be used as a weatherproof wrap, poncho, seat cushion, or a picnic blanket. It can even be used to carry your folding chair from the Saturday morning soccer game.


Hello Fearless

“Last year, there were more than 126 million women who started new businesses and 98 million were running established companies. That’s literally 224 million female entrepreneurs across the globe. But while more women are starting businesses than ever before, studies show that the majority of them will fail or simply not grow due to their lack of access to education, networks & mentors and overcoming their own fears as businesswomen. Hello Fearless aims to solve this problem by providing one place they can go to get everything they need -- no matter what stage they’re in, from anywhere in the world.”

Hello Fearless is an online learning platform, business academy and community that provides female entrepreneurs with the education, training, tools and support they need to launch, grow and scale their businesses, while helping them unleash their full potential as business owners and women.