These 10 startups have completed a comprehensive 90-day accelerator program culminating in Demo Day. Venture capital and angel investors gathered to hear each company present on August 23rd, 2013.

Watch the Video to the left and see the SparkLabKC 2013 companies in action.



“With just one click, Briefcase gives you access to all jobs on the market in real time.”
-Christian Fisher, The Briefcase

This multi-platform application will revolutionize the way people conduct job searches. Briefcase delivers real-time push notifications of available jobs, while aggregating all job boards for the ease of the user. Briefcase keeps the on-the-go college student at the front line of the job application process.



“FolioMatch is truly the world’s first education-based portfolio product. It’s designed to completely simplify the educational matching process and raise student engagement in the classroom.”
-Evan Kirsch, FolioMatch

FolioMatch is an educational portfolio platform designed for students as they navigate the competitive field while applying for college, graduate school, or their first job. This service matches students with products to improve their skill-sets along with schools specializing in their degree field, and it gives schools the opportunity to market directly to prospective students.



“With Knoda, users can predict the future and interact with other’s predictions, resulting in a new type of social competition. At scale, new intelligence is created based on the aggregation of millions of individual predictions.”
-Kyle Rogers, KNODA

Predictions are an integral part of our everyday life... from forecasting the weather to predicting the outcome of the Kentucky Derby. Knoda’s prediction software platform provides a place to make and track predictions. Knoda accepts predictions on any topic, closes the feedback loop to determine who was right and who was wrong, and creates reputation scores to rate and rank predictors.


Prodigy Arcade

“Kids have a greater capacity for learning complex material if they’re exposed to concepts early-on. By introducing them to computer science basics in a fun environment, we’re teaching them how to think about programming, not just what do to. That’s their ticket to becoming true innovators.”
-Carrie Royce, CEO, Prodigy Arcade

Prodigy Arcade creates gaming platforms that motivate kids to learn the building blocks of programming. Gaming platforms are the ideal system for sparking and keeping kids’ interest in computer science. Fun, crossplatform game playing gives kids fundamental programming and problem-solving skills. Parents and educators can see the results with behind-the-scenes reports on measurable goals and learning metrics. Kids have fun and learn to code—while parents and educators help them prepare for the new economy.



“NeighborsGrow allows home gardeners and aspiring growers to connect, find resources, share ideas, share their harvest and build greater communities.”
-Jon Stephens, Rockhill Strategies

NeighborsGrow is a mobile software application that makes home food gardening easier, more efficient, and social. Using geolocation, it allows home gardeners to coordinate with their neighbors and access an array of resources. Local and organic foods are the fastest growing segments in our food supply chain. Additionally, over 80 million Americans plant home gardens annually, and another 40 million say they would like to. That adds up to over $3.2 billion spent in the home gardening category annually. The time is right for a broad-based consumer friendly way to connect growers with the process of growing., Twitter: @NeighborsGrow


Innovative Health Media

“Less than 6% of 49 million Medicare patients have had an Annual Wellness Visit. Our product enables physicians to provide this visit simply and efficiently while increasing their annual Medicare reimbursement by 50 to 75%.”
-Charles Smith, Innovative Health Media

In 2011, Medicare implemented the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) for all Medicare beneficiaries. The AWV is free to patients, but pays physicians more than triple the normal Medicare office visit rate. In typical government fashion, the Medicare guidelines are complicated and discourage many physicians from offering the service to their patients. Our flagship product, the e-AWV™ System gives physicians an efficient, easy to use and intuitive way to provide the Annual Wellness Visit while meeting the Medicare requirements for reimbursement and significantly increasing their revenues.



“We free up your time so you can focus on helping the world instead of managing volunteers.”
-Andrew Stanley, VolunteerMark

Volunteers are a non-profit organization’s most important asset, but it is time consuming and cumbersome to manage their efforts effectively. VolunteerMark's online software makes it quick and easy to track and recognize volunteer contributions. We also give non-profits the tools and information they need for donor reporting and grant funding, so they can concentrate on their mission and delivering high impact.



“LendingStandard will represent the industry-leader in document management for commercial mortgage lending.”
-Andy Kallenbach, FormZapper

FormZapper is a software company that provides secure and convenient document management solutions for targeted industries, streamlining businesses’ workflows and increasing their efficiency. FormZapper’s first product, LendingStandard, is a web-based document management platform built for lenders in the commercial real-estate industry. LendingStandard assists commercial mortgage lenders with automating manual processes in the loan application process, including third-party collaboration, risk analysis,and document generation.


Your Adoption Finance Coach

“After adopting my beautiful daughter from China, I realized there were few options for families to raise money for their adoptions. Let’s face it, most folks don’t have $30,000 sitting around in their bank account.”
-Kelly Ellison, Your Adoption Finance Coach

Many seeking to adopt a child find the associated costs overwhelming with few, if any, resources to help identify funding. Your Adoption Finance Coach brings the critical step of Adoption Finance in-house through personal coaching, webinars and an online gift registry that's branded to the adoption agency's web site.



“FanAddict's Personal Music Journal also allows fans to document their music journey with photos and notes on favorite musicians.”
-Joe Lieberman, FanAddict

FanAddict is a music events destination and discovery tool. For music fans of all genres, FanAddict makes it easy for them to track their favorite artists and relive their memories! For venues, promoters and bands, FanAddict is a way to sell more tickets, engage more fans, and make more money! Artists are organized by artist, city, venue and genre, making it easy for fans to discover new music and never miss a show. Engagement features like the custom genre filter make FanAddict a compelling application for even the casual music lover.