The SparkLabKC Program


Our accelerator solves the two fundamental problems for early-stage startup companies – the experience gap and the capital gap. 

Our program provides seed capital, mentors, business advisory services and access to investors. 

We focus on early-stage Internet startups working in industries that are driving the Kansas City region’s economy such as telecommunications, engineering, health care, agriculture and energy.

Only 10 Internet business startup companies are chosen for the SparkLabKC program each year.


SparkLabKC provides a comprehensive 90-day in-residence accelerator program that includes:

  • Seed capital of up to $18,000
  • More than 80 mentors with deep experience across virtually every industry
  • Free workspace
  • Legal, accounting, financial and human resources advisory services
  • A formal prototype demonstration day for potential investors
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    This is a proven mentor-driven business accelerator program

    Startups that have been through this kind of program have a superior track record of generating new companies and new jobs, and have a significant impact in their communities.



    We’ll accept applications in the fall, and then we’ll select 10 startup companies to participate:

  • We focus on early-stage Internet startup companies.
  • Company size is limited to 2-4 founders.
  • Each company must have one experienced coder.
  • Each company gets seed capital of $6,000 per founder with a maximum investment of $18,000.
     SparkLabKC earns a 6% interest in each participating company in return for the program services.
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    SparkLabKC companies will go to work on January:

    • Month one is heavy mentoring to help refine business and product strategy. 
    • Month two is product focused with work on prototype development.
    • Month three focuses on refining the prototype pitch for Demo Day. 
    • In April, each company presents its prototype product to angel investors and venture capitalists on Demo Day.